Holy Apostles' C of E Primary School

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In the spring, Class 2 planted potatoes, onions, spinach, broad beans and beetroot in our school kitchen garden.  Today we harvested our vegetables.  Many thanks to Mrs Moss who kindly helped us with our planting and harvesting.  Despite some of the crops being eaten by animals, we were delighted with the produce and are hoping to taste some of the purple potatoes in school this week! 



We began our week identifying and sketching British garden birds.

Next we explored soft pastels before using them to colour our bird pictures.

Here are some of our finished pieces...

Aardman Animations Workshop

We really enjoyed following the animation team from the Aardman animations as they showed us how to build a Sean the Sheep. We learnt lots of new skills and were very proud of the results!

We have been looking at some of the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  We designed out own sketch book page which included photos we had taken on the iPads of flowers and leaves.

Class Two taking their turn to create

our new school mural.

Today we were working in pairs to create beautiful bird collages.

Looking at Fruit

After making some observational drawings of the inside of different fruit, we created our own on black paper using pastels.


Stone Painting

We tried out some different designs for our stones in our art sketch books. We then chose the one we liked the best and painted our background colour on our stones first. Once this had dried we painted on our design. 

Measuring in Metres

We have been learning to measure in metres and centimetres.  We showed fantastic team work skills to measure different parts of the school. 

Circus Skills

Class 2 had great fun learning some new skills

with Thomas Trilby.

Class Information

 Class 2 Blog


Making our delicious rainbow salads...

We are learning to tell the time. 

We had great fun playing this game in pairs.

Class 2 enjoying the snow! 

More Fun in the Snow

Pantomime, Oh, yes it is.....

Saying Thank You

We have been thinking about the importance to Christians of saying thank you at Christmas.  We thought about all the thing and people we are thankful for and wrote them on strips to make paper chains.  We had to work as teams to put the chains together and now they look great decorating our classroom.

Puppet Making Day 

In Geography this term we have been learning about islands all around the world.  We are now focussing on The Isle of Coll in the Scottish Hebrides which is the basis for the fictional location of The Isle of Struay in the Katie Morag stories we have been reading.  We used the iPads to look at the features of Coll using www.visitcoll.co.uk. Did you know that Coll is a "dark sky " destination?  We loved looking at the beautiful beaches on Coll and researching all of the wildlife that lives there.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could go there on our school trip?!


This term in Class 2 we are thinking about what Christmas means to Christians.  We began by talking about what Christmas means to each of us and compared religious and secular images of Christmas.  This week we were learning about The Annunciation.  First we heard about what the Bible tells us of Mary and Joseph receiving the news from the angel Gabriel, then we acted out the scenes in small groups.  Take a look at these freeze frames, can you work out who is who?

We also looked at famous artwork showing the annunciation.  Some were very old and others were more modern.  We all had different favourites but noticed lots of similarities in the paintings.  Finally, we had a go at creating our own piece of artwork based on the events we had been learning about.  Here are some we would like to share; 

Children In Need

We had great fun joining in with the Joe Wicks PE Challenge.  We were exhausted afterwards.  Well done Joe, what a fantastic achievement!

Maths Week

This week we got involved with England maths week.  we tried some of the daily puzzles and challenges as well as enjoying stories with a number theme.  Here is the link if you would like to try some more activities at home; https://mathsweekengland.co.uk/primary-school-resources/


Maths Week Activity: solving Yohaku puzzles.

Maths Week Activity: creating calculations in the outdoor classroom.

We went on virtual trip to the Cheltenham Literature Festival last week, it was fantastic!  We watched poetry by Joseph Coelho and drew along with Rob Biddulph and Dapo Adeola.  Afterwards we had a go at reading aloud some poems.  The tongue twister was very tricky.  Here are a few of our performances.

Class 2 had a great time painting lighthouses.  We learnt about the horizon and mixing and layering colour using watercolour paints.  Do you like our finished pictures?