Holy Apostles' C of E Primary School

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Sports Day 2021

We had great fun on our Sports Day, racing in our houses and trying to get into the final! Here are some photos of all the fun we had!

Arts week in Red Class

In Arts Week, Red Class learnt about two artists, Matisse and Kandinsky. We started the week by focusing on Matisse. Matisse is famous for creating huge collages, and for doing what he called 'drawing with scissors'. 

Our first lesson was to have a go at 'drawing with scissors'. We weren't allowed to draw any shapes to cut out, we had to just use our scissors to come up with the shapes. Once we had practised, we created our first piece of Matisse inspired large, collaborative artwork; and here its is!

Our next Art lesson was our session with one of the animators from Aardman. We all had a go at making our very own Timmy. It was hard work but we had great fun, and look at the final product!

We then went back to our drawing with scissors, and created our own individual pieces and chose our own titles for them. Here they all are:

Next we moved onto looking at Kandinsky's work. We loved all his pieces with lots of shapes and colour, but our favourite was the tree, so we created our own large version.

We also took part in creating the new mural on the wall outside Class 2. Every person in class got to add something to it, whether it was a flower, a leaf or some grass. We are really pleased with the finished artwork - its gets two thumbs up from us!

Autumn Term

Exciting news - we found an egg! Whilst having our lesson in the Outdoor Classroom, we found a gold scaly egg hiding. We don't know where it came from, or who was looking after in, so we decided to bring it into Red Class and care for it until it hatches. We made it a little nest to keep it warm, and we are keeping an eye on it. We can't wait until it hatches!